totally punk’d by a bda

Ad Age, positively reveling in the opportunity to laugh at the bloggers it so disdains, is running with a story that can be summed up as “pajama-wearing yahoo bloggers got, like, totally Punk’d or PWND or whatever kids these days say by a spoof that never in a zillion years would have every fooled us, like, NO. WAY. Lmao.”

The Daily (Ad) Biz: 60% of the time, it’s right all the time.

In all seriousness, I had negative concern about Leo Burnett and the mooted dress code. Even if it was true, who cares? Burnett was last relevant before my parents were born.

The real concern was the visual turd that Burnett produced. A funny spoof, perhaps, but it had the agency’s name all over it and it looks like it was done in PowerPoint by a failed-creative Brand Manager. Not the best way to showcase your agency’s creative chops.

Again, I know it was a spoof, but the copy still did insinuate that Burnett’s attitude prior to the dress code was unprofessional. Does that mean that now, without a dress code, they are still unprofessional?

I kind of hope so; it would be one point in their favor as far as me ever considering working there is concerned.

The worst part about this whole thing is how plausible it is. As George Parker put it, “I wasn’t sure if it was a spoof or not. I finally decided it wasn’t because we’ve all worked in BDA’s (Big Dumb Agencies) where that knid of shit could actually happen. Which is probably why it worked… It was certainly within the realm of the possible”

To recap, Burnett actually made something that went viral and managed to fool idiot bloggers like me.

At the same time, they did it with awful creative, puzzling copy and a sad reminder that advertising professionals thought that they were so out of touch that they actually would institute a dress code.

I am not sure that this is the unalloyed success that Burnett and Ad Age think that it was.

Of course, it is a great opportunity to make fun of bloggers and what respectable print media outlet can pass up something like that? Me, I’m just happy for the links.

This whole silly situation, with Burnett, Ad Age and yours truly all cited proudly, gets an upside-down Effie for pitifully small storm in a teacup:



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