rolling stone’s bid to be more interactive

Adfreak has the goods on Rolling Stone’s big new idea to get readers really engrossed with the magazine – they can take a picture of an ad in the magazine, send it to a special number and get special offers and a chance to win some prize or another.

rolling stone logo

There have been a lot more worse promotions.

There have also been a lot more promotions that don’t require me to send a picture message and get text messages back, both of which (at least under my cheapie plan) cost me money.

Rolling Stone isn’t the only one running these. Men’s Health jumped into the game first, though it is too early for either magazine to report any results.

I am all for interactive print ads, be it the “unrippable” ad in Maxim for the “Condemned” DVD or the Citi Christmas ads with stickers for presents or any of the classic Crispin Mini work. The key with those ads though is that it gave me something immediately without any work (or expense) on my part.

Interactive print ads that require the amount of work (and expense) that Rolling Stone and Men’s Health are asking are just a step too far, especially if the goal is making the magazine more interactive. To do that would be to affect the content, the layout the ability for readers to determine what is covered, not a few ads. And not a few ads that offer consumers just another way for companies to spam them with offers and an unlikely chance to win.

Though, for the 1% of readers who try it, Rolling Stone may be marginally more interactive. Which is something.


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