the receptionist & the pretty ae

A buddy of mine has happened upon the agency and me out the past few times we have done it up and, rightly since there are a lot of really good looking girls here, he is interested in one of my co-workers. I don’t know that she has noticed him yet. Maybe next time. Me, I am still having the occasional thought about The Pretty AE, especially since she has moved on to a different agency.

Makes it seem a little more above board and all that.

Because I don’t want to, as Where’s My Jetpack? is concerned might happen, turn into a stalker, I decided to keep it low-key this weekend…and to focus on my other unattainable crush:

jenna fischer

Jenna Fischer, if you ever have the desire to go slumming with a New York-based copywriter, please email me. Beyond my obsession with you and The Pretty AE I am not a weird dude.

I swear.


2 responses to “the receptionist & the pretty ae

  1. Jenna Fischer… the hottest.

  2. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Tell your buddy to get an earring and/or a cryptic hoodie.

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