grey sub-conglomerate to close satellite office

Grey Global Group sub-conglomerate G2 is rumored to be shuttering their Stamford, CT office in the next few months. The office, which primarily serviced promotion and shopper marketing clients, had seen a dramatic loss of business and personnel over the past year and though it is always tough when these things happen because people lose their jobs, those that are left to turn the lights off must have known that they were the proverbial dead men walking.

The move makes sense. G2, which has an abominable website for an agency that had been ranked as a Top 20 global agency in one report, is clearly positioning itself as a playing in the digital world (not the least with last year’s purchase of Refinery). Promotional and shopper marketing programs, though they may be activated at microsites, otherwise don’t really fit the digital vision of the agency.

Also, the Stamford office had basically lost all of their clients.

Sort of made it a no-brainer for the higher-ups at Grey.


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