blame the corporation!

According to AdPulp, Greenpeace is upset at Dove and accusing them of speeding up global warming by buying palm oil from companies that are destroying Indonesia’s rainforests, etc, etc:

What they don’t tell you is that their pet project, ethanol, is actually the true driver of the increasing need for palm oil.

Ethanol, which can be made from corn as it is in the United States (mandates to use huge amounts of corn-based ethanol are, as an aside, the leading reason that food prices and CPG cost of goods are rising so quickly here and in the rest of the world) or from palm oil as it is in Brazil and Indonesia, takes up a vast and increasing amount of acreage, driving companies like Dove to get what they can where they can.

Dove is simply an easy corporate target – everyone hates corporations, right – that has the added benefit of not making Greenpeace look closely at a policy that they endorse the supports a product that is actually massively destructive to the environment.


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