heineken wants you to upload and stuff

Consumers, do I have an announcement for you! A brand is giving you a chance to SHARE your experience of their brand at a brand-run microsite by UPLOADING pictures and comments! I know, I know, how ever are you going to control your excitement?

You’re not. Jump around a little bit, maybe do a dance and some fist pumps, deal with it an we’ll move on.

The brand: Heineken Premium Light.

The website: “Share the Good”

The agency responsible: the recently-fired-from-the-account Ryan Partnership (as an aside, Ryan employees are shopping the line that Ryan made no money on the account and resigned it…even though some sixty people were dedicated to the business and it was their highest profile client).

I am not going to go over the reasons that the done to death consumers uploading content idea is bad. I have done it before. A lot. Instead, I am going to laugh at how disappointed Heineken will inevitably be when the participation numbers aren’t what they were expecting.

Wait, you mean that if we let consumers upload pictures of themselves drinking our beer and only give them a remote chance to win something vague if they do it and, oh, our radio drives them to a site that wasn’t up when the radio started running they won’t trip over themselves to get involved?


But hey, at least they are using awareness vehicles to drive people to the site. They have done one thing right.


7 responses to “heineken wants you to upload and stuff

  1. Does anyone actually do this stuff? I mean, what would make me want to upload a picture of me drinking a beer? I think facebook already has that market cornered.

    And their tv commercials are pretty bad — And now that I think about it, who is going to share a Heineken? I know my cheap friends wont. Maybe they’ll toss me a nasty Natty Light from their 30 pack if they are feeling generous.*


  2. shouldn’t you get back to writing crappy tv and radio spots?

  3. Heineken seems to have forgotten that faecbook holds the monopoly of the site of choice to upload your drunken party pictures and comment on them.

  4. @ (fake) dailybiz – I am sorry if I made fun of your brainchild idea…it’s just that it is so lacking in originality and creativity that I had to call it out. Apologies for the hurt feelings. You’ll get over it.

    As it is, I should get back to writing a TV spot…thanks for the reminder.

  5. professional babysitter

    here’s a photo uploading idea that’s original and creative.


  6. Another example of brands forgetting that Your Brand Is Not My Friend™

    The “swing-and-a-miss” here is even than your FB analogy: it’s not that “kids enjoy uploading picture of themselves” – it’s that they like uploading them to FB and Flickr because that’s where their friends go to see them. It’s a digital way to share the pictures in a non-ad environment.

    Not that hard, but so many brands seem to miss it.


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