chance meeting with the pretty ae

I haven’t written about The Pretty AE for a while for two main reasons. First, she started seeing someone who wasn’t me. Second, it made sense to stay away from personal and intra-office details what with most people at the office knowing that I write this blog.

However…she has recently left the House of Biz and I just a little more recently ran into her while grabbing a bagel and she looked fantastic in a summery little dress and holding her coffee. She is still with that guy for all I know, but luckily does not work in the same office anymore which I think means that I don’t have to every worry about sexual harassment claims against me for writing about how much I like her.

This morning’s meeting reminded me of the inescapable fact that if she looked at me and counted down from three I would do whatever she asked.


One response to “chance meeting with the pretty ae

  1. Ask her out! Just do it…check out my blog post from yesterday on picking men/women up. Seriously. You’ll have to be more incognito about it b/c you work together. Host a party – and invite her – or host a happy hour and invite her.

    Good luck!

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