coming soon to an ad blog near you…

There has been an interesting string of comments about blogs, bloggers, Adweek and pushing the medium from an earlier post that still has me mulling it all over. Very astute observations and suggestions, particularly this one from Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger about the visual presentation of information on blogs:

I don’t think many blogs have fucked with format enough to really see where things can go. For a creative biz, we collectively haven’t done shit to push the medium.

It is a great point.

It is also a great impetus for a format change and total design overhaul. I have managed to rope one of my very talented friends into it once she finishes a freelance gig, so look for a fantastic new design in the coming weeks.

The main things that I wanted to improve were more functional than breakthrough ways to present more information, namely a larger blogroll, RSS feeds on specific posts/comments and easier readability of type.

If there are others things that you think can be improved please let me know via email or the comments section so I can make sure that my lovely put-upon friend can keep them in mind during the development.


One response to “coming soon to an ad blog near you…

  1. If I could swear more that would be cool too. ;-p

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