fallon’s famous names boiled down

Things have been looking up in the Minneapolis agency scene with the exception of one place…Fallon. The good people there are doing everything they can to shake the recent losing streak, from moving offices (though that was sort of driven by the fact that they had multiple empty “ghost floors” at 50 South Sixth) to going on a Goodby-raiding hiring spree, to this:

You Are Fallon is a website that invites all creatives who worked at the agency in its 26 years of existence to donate an award that they won and have it melted down into a “We Are Fallon” copperplate.

Pretty cool idea.

Even cooler if you go to the site and click on the “who has donated” link to see the famous names and famous campaigns from the agency.


13 responses to “fallon’s famous names boiled down

  1. Wow. You forget some of the great stuff they did. And a lot of these awards are recent.

    Can’t wait to see the new nameplate thingy.

  2. Super amibitious, pain-in-the-ass to execute. As all great ideas are. Well done.

  3. This such a cool idea. And how can people say “no” to letting go of their awards after seeing some of the famous guys that are donating.

  4. AlwaysAnimated

    Are the only people that read this blog from Minneapolis?

    Anyway, it is a great idea, homerism aside.

    Maybe Lubars can comment on it now. He’s in New York now, right?

  5. You forget all the legends that worked at Fallon over the years. Just scrolling through the WHO DONATED section puts it all in perspective. Really cool.

  6. Cool idea. At first i thought it was obnoxious, but it’s actually a really nice idea and a good way of reminding everyone what a legacy Fallon has.

  7. very cool.

  8. great idea. Love watching the work. can’t wait to see this crazy thing!-coolest scrapbook ever

  9. Jr. art director

    Oh man. Who came up with this?

  10. Very cool way to showcase great work.

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