interactive agencies are a different breed

The best thing about last week’s trip home was the change to reconnect with some old agency pals and hear the “life of an ad grunt” stories that sound awfully familiar. The grass is rarely greener. Usually it’s brown on the other side of the fence too.

My favorite story was told by a friend who relatively recently had started at space150 in the very cool North Loop neighborhood of the very vibrant downtown Minneapolis. Coming from a traditional agency background she was a little bit new to the interactive thing…especially to the expectations that the people who worked with her had relative to the interactive space.

Apparently, among the first questions from her boss on her first day were: do you have a Facebook page, do you Twitter, why not to both, can you please start both like now and then the conversation finished with a statement/direction for her to get a PDA and get in touch with the new digital world.

Like my friend who had a similar experience after starting at, I sent them to Tangerine Toad’s blog to get up to speed and thanked my lucky stars that, for the moment, I am still comfortably ensconsed in the world of television and print and outdoor.

Sure, I have this blog, a Facebook page and I’ve even started Twittering…but I kinda miss the days when I didn’t feel like I had to shape my world-facing profile and continually update people on what I was doing (and in a respectably witty and engaging way, no less).

I am not a Luddite, but I feel for those who are thrown into the deep end of interactive agency life without proper preparation.


One response to “interactive agencies are a different breed

  1. Thanks for the recommendation and all.

    Make sure your friends tell their bosses about it 😉

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