amalgamated links, inc

As I mentioned yesterday, I am spending this week doing a little bit of guest blogging at Adrants while Steve and Angela are at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco…but I am not ignoring the Daily Biz!

In addition to the exclusive content available only to Daily Biz readers – a little post about a Jerry Della Femina-inspired agency Sex Contest – below are some links to posts from yours truly that are live at adrants:

Women Who Can Beat You Up: Women’s professional football team Pittsburgh Passion (don’t worry, I didn’t know that there was a women’s football league either…I will get beaten up for this, but I imagine A League of Their Own only every team is made up completely of Rosie O’Donnell) is out with a new campaign from agency GarrisonHughes to get fans pumped for the new season.

Noise Awareness Day: Electrolux wants people to be more noise aware…mainly to sell their new line of quieter appliances but also because it’s an excuse to create a blog that never gets updated.

Shaving With a Fusion Will Get You Laid: If only it was that easy…and if only Gillette hadn’t cast a creepy old man as the one “teaching” guys how to kiss. There is also a women who walks around with a lab jacket that is open to reveal her bra. Typical subtle stuff, but done with none of the humor of Philips Norelco or the over-the-top fun of Axe.


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