douchebags and advertising

It’s one of those weekends in the office that just seem to sneak up on your average advertising professional a lot more often, it seems, than for others…others like, for example, my Wall Street-type neighbor across the hall who works about as long as I do during the week and then is able to enjoy his fantastically huge pay packet over a blissfully work-less weekend.

At least I, because I am in advertising, get people like the yahoo boyfriend of a friend I was out with last night ripping on my profession.

This dude had clearly just read Naomi Klein and proceeded to tell me that not only was advertising evil (I responded that I too hated capitalism and the good it brought to people and, by being in advertising, was engaging in the ultimate Kafka-esque anti-advertising/capitalism stance and sticking it to the man with an irony that he could only marvel at) but that he could do it all better than I.

I asked him which ads in particular he didn’t like. He said the Sonic spots:

I knew he was a douchebag when he first opened his mouth, but at this I knew he was an idiot. I told him so. I also told him that his cool like Hollister shirt was made by children in a Malaysian sweat shop.

It is unlikely that we will ever hang out again.


3 responses to “douchebags and advertising

  1. Been a while Biz… good to hear you’re still around and putting douchebags in their place

  2. Ha! Naomi Klein FTL!

  3. dearjanesample

    HA HA. I love people like that, it is so much fun to talk to them about how “evil” advertising is. They usually have no clue about anything.

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