that sneaking feeling of uncreativity

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, but the absolute worst thing as a creative in advertising is the sneaking feeling that maybe you’re just not creative anymore.

Some people would say that the worst thing is the cutthroat culture, but let’s no kid ourselves that advertising is any worse than, say, law or investment banking. Others would say that it is the constant roller coaster of client wins and losses and the resulting staffing bursts and layoffs, but it is much worse to be in an industry that is on a strictly downward spiral, like the automotive sector.

The worst thing is the feeling that, today, perhaps you’re past your best and the good ideas you had before are just lightning that struck early.

At least that is how I feel today, and for no real reason.


4 responses to “that sneaking feeling of uncreativity

  1. don’t sweat it, DB. it happens to all of us, all the time. some days we can do anything, others, we’re useless. try some pudding.

  2. Actually, the worst thing is being stuck in a terrible, uncreative job that you can’t get out of.

  3. yeah, matt’s got a point. because then you’re trapped in hell that saps the motivation right out of you.

  4. A very good point. I would rather be concerned that I lost it, which is semi-irrational, than be in a position where I never get to use it.

    It being creativity, of course.

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