yamaha & a different way of life

The stories from my friends in Minnesota are a lot different than those of my friends in Manhattan. An obvious statement, I know, but the story I heard from a friend of mine in Minnesota about how this guy’s brother hit a deer in the north woods of Wisconsin…with his motorcycle…while going about 80 mph…and he walked away from it with minor bruises and a muscle pull…and then the cop who came up to help asked him if he wanted to bring the meat home of if he, the cop, could have it.

You just don’t hear stories like that in New York.

Although I did just hear a story from an Account Supervisor here at the House of Biz about how she totally got bumped on the subway this morning and spilled coffee all over her shirt and had to get off and go home and get a new shirt and it like completely sucked.

Life is a little different here.

1861 United, Milan shows a little bit of the Upper Midwest way of life with the new campaign for Yamaha:

Yamaha ad, 1861 United

In the ad the animals are safely out of the way of speeding motorcyclers. Which is nice.


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