4 responses to “the dr pepper account goes to an old friend

  1. it doesn’t surprise me in the least.
    The half of the cadbury organization is on the take. ( the other half was let go back in december, part of the re-org )
    Just contact the crew from Schawk that had managed the internal creative services for promotions and packagings. Once an old friend stepped into the picture, Group 360 Communications it was only a matter of time before a few nice trips for a creative director had them in the good graces of the Plano elite.
    I even heard that they were brought in to re-design the Snapple brand! Good work for a pre-press house/separator if you can get it.

    Hopefully Larry Young gets his head out of the clouds and starts cleaning some house.

    Don’t worry though… if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll get copied on the memo from Nelson Peltz.

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  4. Employee No Longer

    Ha-ha! Chuck S. screwed the pooch on this one. That’s what you get when you have Craig’s pet run an account!!

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