the absolutely phenomenal new bmw

There are a few cars out there right now that really move me. But only one car has made me stop in a crowded street – literally – and stare at a billboard of it. That car is the new generation BMW M3.

It is absolutely phenomenal.

The new spot for it is as well.

I have given GSD&M or, as they decided to be called in a bout of silliness, Idea City, a really hard time because their work on the brand has been nothing short of poor. Uninspiring is another word. Insipid also works. The point is that it pales in comparison to the work that Fallon churned out for the brand.

That has changed:

The best part of this spot, which shows the inner workings of the beastly V8 engine that powers the M3, is that is uses no CGI. None.

Talk about a campaign for real beauty.

Motorheads love the spot, and if you are the kind of person who might buy what is basically a street-legal race car for any reason other than showing off your riches, you will love this spot too.

The copy is ignorable and the ending could be better, but the visual of the single revolution of the engine more than makes up for any flaws in the spot.

It makes me want to drive.


One response to “the absolutely phenomenal new bmw

  1. You’re absolutely right. A friend recently sent me an email with the link to the BMW M3 promo. And like you, I was blown away by it. What a great video. It makes me want to go out and try an M3 today.

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