absolutely wrong

Absolut Vodka is taking a very strong anti-American and anti-common sense stand in an execution of their new campaign I found at Make The Logo Bigger.

The ad is running only in Mexico, but the internet is worldwide, and anyway the ad’s message wrong:

Absolut Mexico ad

Whatever you may think about the Mexican-American War, a war fought almost two hundred years ago after Mexico reacted negatively, to say the least, at the democratic decision by Texas to join the United States (after Texas, majority populated by American pioneers and native Americans as Mexicans had not settled that far north in any numbers yet, defeated the Mexican Army under Santa Anna), you cannot argue that the real perfect ending was for those civilians who ended up on the American side of the Rio Grande.

It is un-PC to say, but it is true.

Mexican rule over the Southwest would only have dragged more people into the poverty and lack of democracy that was, and in many ways continues to be, Mexico.

Only in recent memory did Mexico remove its undemocratic ruling party, Mexico is stuck under growth-killing statist policies, its standard of living is merely 24% of America’s and the country is so great in other ways that millions leave every year.

Is that what an Absolut world is like?

If so, I’m just not all that interested.


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