good news family-style

Friends and valued readers I have good news! My oldest sister has just given birth to my parents’ first grandchild, making me a first-time uncle and very excited about this whole situation…so excited that I have trolled the archives of my favorite ads to express said excitement via commercial:

The good news, via this Citibank ad by Fallon, is that I have a lot more blessings to count.

The bad news is that I will be taking the week to spend time with my family back in Minneapolis and don’t plan to do much in the way of posting.

I will miss you all.


3 responses to “good news family-style

  1. new babies & great work from Fallon, perfect. mazel tov & go spoil the crap out of that baby.

  2. Congrats. Very nice that you’re taking the week off to go home. Got your priorities straight.

  3. Congrats. Having a little one around to mold and corrupt is awesome. I’m an aunt and I’ve spoiled my niece and nephews, but they don’t have to come home with me so it’s cool. It’s also great preparation for if you decide that you want kids of your own someday.


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