good work for a good cause from euro rscg

Euro RSCG has applied their talent to something more than hawking consumer goods and to good effect, too. The Chicago agency has developed a new identity and print campaign for the Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan organization.

The organization helps to rebuild schools in southern Sudan, where the Christian south has been ravaged (and its people raped and pillaged) in a long-running religious war against them by Muslim northerners operating under government auspices. The war has ended and the Khartoum regime’s murderous impulses have moved to Darfur in the west, but there is still much to do for the south to get back on its feet.


It’s nice to see that the work, which includes branding and supporting website and marketing materials is of a quality equal to the cause.The new creative debuted with an event attended by Former President Bill Clinton as well as celebrities Brad Pitt and Lance Armstrong who were presented with a branded t-shirt that represents the campaign (and is available online for a $100 donation).


Many times in agencies the best creative comes from pro bono work on campaigns that do good works – it’s easy to see why, what with the passion that can be felt for a cause like this – and this work from Euro definitely fits that mold.


One response to “good work for a good cause from euro rscg

  1. It’s sort of fitting, as you could say “lost boys” are trying to rebuild Euro RSCG Chicago. The boys in Sudan have a better chance of succeeding than the Chitown kids.

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