crispin still makes me hungry for bk

Like most agency people, I pride myself on being able to see through advertising and remain unswayed by it. Sure, I will occasionally make purchases of products because the ads are good, but more out of professional respect than actually having been swayed by the message.

Sometimes, though, even I give in and fall for the sugary sweet promises in ads.

Being a little bit hungover today from a random Wednesday night out, all I wanted was fast food. And even since the office-themed Burger King campaign from Cripsin, Porter + Bogusky there has only been one fast food joint that I will stop at. And, since this spot in particular, only one thing to order:

I love the Spicy Tendercrisp to this day and can only thank the boys (and girls) in Miami for their great work that still has me coming back to the well.


2 responses to “crispin still makes me hungry for bk

  1. Joel McCale kills in those commercials.

  2. and i completely agree. BK’s radio and TV also make me hungry for BK and usually break my no fast food rule.

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