liberty mutual dredges up the paul tilley story

Just when you thought that Paul Tilley and the “Chicago Incident” had moved on, along comes a corporation (a month later!) trying to use Tilley’s death and the ensuing kerfuffle to its advantage. Disgusting.

And even worse because they do it under the guise of “responsibility.”


Liberty Mutual has a website that showcases how they are super-duper responsible in the world around them. To quote from their site:

We believe that the more people think and talk about responsibility, and even debate what it means, the more it can affect how we live our daily lives.

This is airy nonsense, especially because this talking about responsibility includes dredging up a man’s death a month after it happened (and was covered in the New York Times, you couldn’t miss it) and using it on your corporate site as a way to drive traffic and interest in your sales-driving project.Liberty Mutual’s desperate cry for relevance and eyeballs is simple transparent greed wrapped in righteous language about responsibility.

Responsibility is leaving the man alone. Responsibility is not using a man’s death to sell things. Responsibility is not blaming blog/bloggers for a death just so you can drive traffic to your website.

And perhaps, in this small way, together, we can make the world just a little better.

The world would be a little better if this site apologized publicly and just let it die. There is no excuse for a company to use this situation for their own financial benefit.

Unless they were being irresponsible, of course.

My thoughts on Mr Tilley’s tragic end are here and they haven’t changed. Nor has my position on those who would try to pin his death on a simple blog post.

To quote Tribble Ad Agency, who broke the story, on the subject: ” It’s wrong to blame a news outlet for what happens by reporting the news – it sets a bad precedent .. next time something happens that deserves to be reporting, we will have all the news outlets sweep it under a rug. From now on only happy news is allowed to be reported.”


3 responses to “liberty mutual dredges up the paul tilley story

  1. What struck me about all the mayhem was how childlike the response was. Everyone was either lashing out more or droning on about how totally sympathetic to the cores of their being they were. That’s not to say it was all BS but much of it seemed to be more about the posters than Paul.

    I guess I’m not really surprised by Liberty’s marketing/ad people’s move given the infantile maturity levels already expressed.

  2. @ exDDBer: I agree with you – it was sad how so many of the posters (and the Liberty Mutual post) focused not on Paul, but on themselves and tried to leverage the situation for their own ends.

  3. another ex-ddber

    what the hell were those idiots thinking? exploiting a tragedy to sell insurance. i expect stupidity from most marketers but this takes the proverbial biscuit. paul tilley’s death has been the subject of enough idle and callous internet chatter. you’d think basic human common sense might kick in at some point. but alas, no.

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