fox attacks cnbc’s credibility

Both Adfreak and Adrants have the goods on the Fox Business Network’s ad poking fun at CNBC, specifically Jim Cramer, for telling people to keep their money in Bear Stearns just before it cratered.

“Don’t move your money from there…that’s being silly…”


Say what you will about Fox, but this is opportunism, quick-thinking and vivid comparison all wrapped up in an ad that probably doesn’t make you change your mind about the network in general but at least is a pretty funny slap at a so-called expert.

What qualifies one to be an “expert” anyway?

I was out in the Village this weekend and ran into a kid I went to college with who now happens to be a producer at CNN. He has specific responsibilities for their business programs and yet has no business or economics background. He even admitted to just learning what options were but, in the course of explaining to me, mixed up “put” and “call.” But he is in a position to determine what is newsworthy or not, who is an expert or not, what makes the news and what doesn’t. Only in America is this possible.

Rant aside, if Fox is able to show actual expertise/credibility while the other networks make high-profile mistakes, more power to them for advertising that fact.

Even though the comparison to Neville Chamberlain is a little ridiculous.

Chamberlain would never have kept his money in a failing, illiquid investment bank.


One response to “fox attacks cnbc’s credibility

  1. Jin Creamer -totally backpedaling :

    What an a-hole!

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