energy bbdo and orbit clean up another dirty mouth

Energy BBDO, Chicago has found another dirty mouth for Orbit gum to clean up, this time targeting “America’s first supermodel” Janice Dickinson:

Using supermodels to sell stuff is not a new strategy, but this one finds a way to have it come off as good clean fun. As opposed to, say, this spot:

It helps that Ms Dickinson is a supermodel in the more classic sense than any of the other, more modern senses such as the “I will have sex with you and all your friends if you buy this product” sense or the always popular “I haven’t eaten in eighteen days despite making millions of dollars” sense.

It also helps that the Orbit campaign is strategically on target, that the British accent woman a perfect mnemonic for the brand (and has gained pop culture traction) and that this vignette is a relatively amusing extension of the campaign. It’s a good, solid ad from the boys in Chicago.

Oh, who am I kidding? I just love that 70s bathing suit…


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