droga5 shills for rhapsody

Droga5 is the agency of record for Rhapsody and is in the midst of rolling out its first campaign for the brand, starting with this spot that has been running in very heavy rotation:

Agency Spy may love the band in the soon-to-run newest spot in the campaign, but it doesn’t matter how much you like the music if the rotation is too heavy. I like Sara Bareilles, but if I see this current spot one more time I am going to throw my Wii controller into my TV like this spot that didn’t run in such a heavy rotation on the channels that I watch:

The poor media rotation is the fault of ZenithOptimedia, Rhapsody’s media planning agency.

In terms of the Rhapsody campaign, it sort of reminds me of purgatory…not bad…not good…

I get the whole “make music a part of your life” idea that goes through the spot but, whether it is the technology of buying and playing music through your TV that sort of seems like doing it through my computer and anyway Apple TV got there first, or whether it is the “band in your living room” concept that has been done before, I’m not wowed by the spot. It wins on production value and a catchy song.

Sometimes that’s enough, but it isn’t really anything to get jazzed about.


One response to “droga5 shills for rhapsody

  1. Man I thought I was the only one that turned the channel during that commercial. I love the iPhone, MacBook Air and other Apple commercials the first time but just like the Rhapsody commercial I can’t stand it after the 100th play. Those commercials do do wonders for some musicians getting them exposure.

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