under armour goes pink in new campaign

Under Armour, the brand that popularized the tight-fitting, sweat-wicking, lycra-ish workout shirt (that, unfortunately, I have seen a few people wearing in non-workout occasions which is both weird and disgusting), is not just about ass kicking and football.

Though, considering the most famous campaign, it’s easy to have gotten that impression:

Under Armour is also a brand that targets athletic women and, as such, is back for its fifth year of educating women on the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to winning the battle against breast cancer.


The program, called “Power in Pink,” gives women a chance to share their stories about beating breast cancer at a branded microsite with three women who submit their stories to be featured in a national magazine campaign, on in-store signage and online. These women will act as the spokespeople for the campaign and, hopefully, an inspiration to others who are fighting breast cancer.

Breast cancer charity sponsorships are good from a general goodness perspective, but tough from a brand perspective because so many other brands have also thrown their hat in the ring with Komen sponsorships and “pink” campaign that it is tough to break through with messaging.

But it is still a good thing to do. Corporations should be involved in charitable works.

Under Armour does have a very direct connection to fighting breast cancer because, as I mentioned before, they enable physical activity which helps fight cancer. So it is not a random affiliation; if anything, it is one that is nicely unexpected and a little bit educational.

There will be other similar campaigns in terms of connection to the cause and promotional mechanic – though I do like how Under Armour, known for using regular people in advertising is using real women to talk about their struggle and eventual victory – but this is a good one for a good cause.


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