georgi vodka calls the call girl

Further proving to American girls that being virtuous and studying hard does not hold a candle to being a wanton whore when it comes to making money and getting your picture splashed all over the media, Georgi Vodka plans to sign prostitute to the governors (well, to one governor, the disgraced and disgusting Eliot Spitzer), Ashley Dupre as their next pin-up girl.


AdAge is reporting that the hooker has been offered a low six figure deal to adorn buses and taxicabs with her ass by the pathetically desperate for PR and relevance vodka brand.

Martin Silver, CEO of the maker of Georgi Vodka, seems to think that this sex scandal is more than just a flash in the pan to the point that he is thinking about creating a vodka brand called No. 9…considering all of the yobs walking around with “Porn Star” t-shirts I am sure that there are people out there in our sad culture that think that it would be funny and cool and oh so edgy to drink No. 9 and laugh at how “pimp” they are and “balls out” Spitzer was for “hitting that shit.”

Those people are retarded.

Mr Silver went on to talk about how Spitzer’s call girl could be leveraged for a lot of word-of-mouth buzz, saying that he made sure that he was first to the table because “this girl’s gonna get inundated [with offers], “she’s worth a lot of money.”

She is also a prostitute who committed a number of felonies with the former Governor of New York. But hey, that’s cool, let’s use her to front a brand.

We have moved from a culture that prizes self-control to one that prizes self-expression, and self-expression in its most narcissistic, nothing-is-good-unless-it-shocks form. It may not be popular to rail against the use of someone like Dupre in advertising for a vodka brand whose whole brand promise is that the drink will make you more attractive to women (or at least will get the women drunk enough that you will appear more attractive), but the absence of standards is the beginning of barbarism.

And the use of a call girl, no matter how high-priced and topical, to front an ad campaign is simply barbaric.


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