the cat is out of the bag

As one would expect with the boss and others around the shop starting the read this blog – completely on their own which is, if nothing else, flattering – the cat is out of the bag and I am no longer anonymous…at least not here at the agency.

Surprisingly, everyone was really good natured about it, though I was left a fair bit red-faced after talking to Bozo the Clown, the lead CD at the agency, who gave me a hard time before telling me that yes, indeed, he was looking at porn that whole time. His good natured response aside, I clearly cannot continue the same sort of commentary about things at the agency (or even, in many ways, my life since I spend so much of it with co-workers).

With that seismic change having happened, the question is what should this blog be?


6 responses to “the cat is out of the bag

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  2. Why not just continue as normal (without the comments on co-workers)? Most of the content is solid advertising talk (as evidenced by the people at the agency enjoying it)

    My big question is what does the PrettyAE think about all this?

  3. Okay so they know it’s you. You haven’t exactly been covering your tracks.
    That said, the most interesting part of your blog, the reason people read it, has nothing to do with the Pretty AE and other co-worker stuff.
    It’s your intelligent insight into the industry.
    Okay that and your bare-knuckles throwdown with Bobby G.

  4. Turn your ire on the clients. Works for me.

    (Can ire be turned, or is it focused. Either way, do that.)

  5. dearjanesample

    ach! well so you lose one subject matter which you didn’t focus your blog on anyways. You’ve still got the REST of the world of advertising …

  6. Whoa. Big news, Biz. Can’t believe your boss was so magnanimous. And you’re still allowed to call him Bozo the Clown? but, I agree with Toad, your best stuff is industry-not-Bozo related. Blog on!

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