social networks and non-sequential thinking

I know what you’re all thinking (well, maybe not all of you, but at least one reader who emailed to ask)…no, I was not slow on posting today because I spent the whole time rebuilding semi-burned bridges from the “outing” but rather because I was spending my time trying out the visualization apps that Make the Logo Bigger had posted today.


To quote Bill Green, “visualization reorganizes data graphically in a way that’s different than what you normally experience. This may not be for everyone who just Googles whenever they need to find something, but this way of connecting and exploring new things by seemingly random characteristics will become, if it hasn’t already, second nature for Gen i/Text/Y whatevuh.”

It’s interesting that this is becoming second nature for many of the younger set (though, as much as I try because I think that the random intersections of information, experience and insight are where great advertising ideas come from, I still just Google whenever I need to find something) because a lot of how people think is inherently sequential. If I do this, then this happens.

It is a departure to break out of sequential, structured thinking…but it’s very rewarding.

It also happens to be the foundation of the social networks; mining personal connections, seeing who knows who and understanding how the group’s individuals are in relation to the group and using known characteristics from said group and individuals to inform ones own search for new and interesting things…yes, there is something interesting and quasi-scientific about social networks.

They are more than just re-purposing content that other people have created to show off your own originality.

My cousins will be over the moon about that.


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