ing wants your number in new campaign

Despite being “outed” on Friday and through the weekend here at the House of Biz, the show must go on. Especially if the show is focused on something that my agency has nothing to do with.

With that lead-in, I present the new “Your Number” campaign for ING bank:

[If the spot doesn’t load, please click here]

I know a few guys who carry their number around sort of like they do in the commercial…not quite as literally, but close. And it works for them. At least some of them.

Reminds me of this time I was getting some post-shoot drinks with this director, who will remain unnamed. Though he was older than my Dad he was dating a girl my age and, only a few drinks in, he confided to me that he always wished that he could bring his Porsche with him into the bar to help impress the younger ladies…imagine what he would have done if he could have brought in his number?

Back to the campaign, the supporting microsite is cool – even with the well played out green screen video that bogs down the load time – because it has an application that lets you find your number and see how you can build your retirement starting now. Standard stuff for a bank, sort of pathetic stuff for me to look at my number, but the sort of useful utility that a consumer would actually take advantage of.


Despite the painful load time, I found out my number.Times are changing in the digital world. Utility is in, consumer generated contests and uploading and silly, brand-tangential videos is out. Consumers want function. Full stop.

ING, despite creative that is merely category standard, has functionality. And that goes a long way.


One response to “ing wants your number in new campaign

  1. Your are right that it is an interesting concept. With that being said, their choice of only using flash is where they fall short. But BBDO didn’t originate the concept behind these ads…..Lee Eisenberg did in his book “The Number”.

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