an unlikely reader of the daily (ad) biz

My blogging anonymity is almost complete…a few friends and some of my family know, but that’s pretty much it. I like it that way, for reasons discussed in a little bit of detail in a previous post. Though it does have its downside.

Like when my boss calls me into his office because he wants to show me the cool thing he found on my blog, in this case Rolling Rock is doing by advertising on the moon.

In a way, it was kind of cool to know that people I know are reading this blog…but also a shock. I am possibly the worst actor/liar in the entire world and immediately turned red and sort of stuttered out how cool it was (and then, because I just couldn’t resist, told him that I loved the Daily (Ad) Biz and read it every day because it was so well written and over-the-top insightful). Also, I didn’t get the credit for sending the Rolling Rock thing around.

Anonymity is nice because it allows me to comment honestly on the industry while working in the industry, but it is also precarious.

Luckily, so far, nobody has guessed that it’s me. And if they do the content on here is so tame that I am unlikely to go the way of Washingtonienne or other blogs like that.

Or so I tell myself.


5 responses to “an unlikely reader of the daily (ad) biz

  1. Wouldn’t this post out you to your boss?

  2. So, like, won’t your boss find out it’s you now? I mean, you’ve already established the fact that he reads your blog. Is he going to think that some other boss showed this blog to one of his subordinates just the exact same way as he did? Or did you spill the Beano by letting him on on the prank? Confused and sticky.

  3. This may get the boss thinking, if he reads the comments section, but I’ve changed the date and the post that he asked me about…so it’s one of those “inspired by true events” posts. Otherwise, it happened exactly as I told it. And I don’t think that he knows.

  4. I gather much of your commentary about your job is BS. Because you often relate specific events that happen to you at work (or even not at work, say, if you have the flu). So, either you change a lot of “details” or you’re not nearly as anonymous as you think.

    Only you, or your wise-to-you coworkers know for sure, I guess.

  5. Well…as I just found out this afternoon, the anonymity is blown (at least here at the agency). It would have been better if I had been more BS…but no, I hewed at just about completely truthful.

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