6 responses to “we hear…cpb snagged burger king’s interactive business

  1. Posted not even two days after the discussion was had. Nice sources.

  2. I get so much love from Kansas City I am thinking about becoming a Royals fan.

    Any additional info, on or off the record, is always interesting and appreciated. You can email dailybizblog@yahoo.com

  3. Off the record? To what end? Satisfying morbid curiosity, I suppose. No thanks. But great blog.

  4. Off the record is not just for morbid curiosity but rather to vet any further tips or comments that come in. A few off the record comments have helped me not to post something that later turned out to be untrue, one even from VML.

    Glad you like the blog, I hope that you keep reading!

  5. Nothing to see here

    Nothing surprising here, actually. I think all parties involved will tell you that.

  6. I can tell you this. .

    I can tell you first hand that VML got lazy and was unable to deliver what BK wanted. Most of VML’s product is really considered “off the shelf and out of the box” nowadays and that’s becoming a brutal issue with more and more of VML’s clients. It got to the point the creative team was rewrapping things from 2 and 3 years ago and selling them as new. BK gave us more than one chance to step up but VML couldn’t pull it together. You can chalk this one up to painful VML politics and falling over itself.


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