it’s an ad with a dude smoking a hot dog

Every one in a while someone sends an ad my way and I am left utterly speechless by it. Occasionally that is because it is really good, but usually it is for other reasons…

This ad, for Gasser hot dogs, is wonderfully shot by Winkler & Noah but is otherwise completely ridiculous:


I am trying by best to get past the fact that TBWA Italy decided to run an ad campaign with dudes smoking hot dogs. I know it is immature to laugh at that, but it is really funny and I don’t care anyway because it is a dude smoking a hot dog. And not just any dude…the most unlikely-looking Texan in the history of unlikely looking Texans. I am almost completely speechless here…all I can do it shake my head and laugh (and forward this to everyone one I know).

There is another ad in the campaign as well:


The “ads that don’t translate across cultures and are therefore unintentionally hilarious” scale has been well and truly broken.


One response to “it’s an ad with a dude smoking a hot dog

  1. I reckon that the second photos the funniest.

    Top blog by the way.

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