she reminded me of this ad by ddb

I met an old friend from college this morning…she and I had been really close while we were at school and immediately after but, though we both live in New York, we’ve gotten lazy about meeting up. We IM and occasionally e-mail, but that’s been it. Until this morning, obviously.

She has not been lazy in the rest of her life. In fact, she looks great…she sort of leaned back to stretch and he shirt sort of came up and she has informercial abs (those almost unbelievable abs that people in informercials who are trying to sell you a workout machine have). I should have stayed in closer touch with her. Literally.

Her abs may or may not have been actually as hard and flat as marble, but they looked damn close:


Ad by Verba/DDB for Fisic Fitness Centers from i believe in advertising.


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