the minnesota twins have the best ads in the majors

The Minnesota Twins, my hometown and therefore favorite baseball team, may not have won the World Series since 1991, but they have had the best advertising in the Major Leagues for a number of seasons now thanks to Periscope. The agency absolutely understands what gets local fans fired up for baseball and is conveniently located directly behind the Metrodome on Washington Street in downtown Minneapolis…which is more cool than anything else.

I know that to Yankees fans like Adfreak, it is hard to respect an organization that has not had the economic might to buy its way to however many championships they have. But they do the baseball thing well – four playoff appearances in the last six years – they do the advertising thing well and, to top it off, they have and celebrate local players. Like pitcher Pat Neshek:

…and catcher Joe Mauer.

Neither are super-uber-awesome captain America amazing True Yankee – GO YANKESS WOO! 26 CHAMPIONSHIPS HOW MANY HAVE YOU GOT?! – Jeter, but we make do with what we can out in the prairie…even without Johan Santana.


3 responses to “the minnesota twins have the best ads in the majors

  1. During the establishing shot notice the Treasure Island board…not a coincidence Periscope is TI’s AOR as well.

  2. It’s hard to respect an owner like Carl Pohlad. Him & Peter Angelos have metaphorical blood on their hands for what they’ve done to their franchises. Steinbrenner might’ve bought himself a few big names, but those championships were started by homegrown players, who made the Yankees money which enabled them to get more, better outside players. The money stays in the team. Show me Pohlad’s investment? Twins fans (and minnesotans in general, lived in Minne for a year) are an incredible breed. I pity Twins fans because their owner couldn’t give a rats ass about winning.

  3. @ Mike: Pohlad is hardly a loved figure in Minnesota. He’s the fourth richest owner in all of American professional sports, yet the Twins are always a “selling” team. They’re selling even now, even though they are moving into a beautiful new stadium in 2010.

    It’s sad.

    I don’t begrudge the Yankees their championships. Money certainly helps, but there is more to winning the World Series than money. And there is more to loving your team than the collection of championships that the organization has won.

    I love the Twins and always will- even if they never win a World Series again. They’re my hometown team.

    And I expect New Yorkers to love their hometown team. They just don’t have to be assholes about it 🙂

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