status quo with the pretty ae

The new boyfriend of The Pretty AE met us out last night. We had clients in the office yesterday and then had post-meetings dinner before retiring, agency-folks only, to our local…only to find that The Pretty AE and her new beau were already there.

He is actually a nice enough guy and not bad looking. He’s just not particularly sharp.

I would have though that wit and charm and personality would have appealed to The Pretty AE – perhaps in the hopes that my own average looks would not have been a stumbling block – but apparently she is willing to accept less that top drawer in that department. He is pretty good looking, in sort of a New England semi-disheveled preppy way (whereas I am rangy and plain and interestingly dissolute).

I think about how he ended up with The Pretty AE and can only put it down to luck…but not plain luck, rather the luck usually ascribed to fools and drunkards: unearned, unjustified, inexplicable luck.

And good looks.


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