4 responses to “cadbury schweppes is getting trigger happy

  1. What happen to the fun, innovative brand that Snapple used to be?

    Have you seen the most recent Snapple product launches?

    The juice drinks (with less than 10% juice, huh?) with a new, vertical green Snapple logo. (duh! what were they thinking?)

    And whats the deal with Antioxidant Water? Can you rip off Glaceau Vitaminwater any more?

    All this is going on while the existing product design looks like its from 10 years ago. hmmmm. Definitely makes you think there is a clear lack of focus at the helm.

    With all the house cleaning going on at Cadbury they should start looking to the chiefs and leave the indians alone (which ever ones are left!)

    They should sell to Coke or Pepsi before they totally drive the brand into the ground.

  2. They cut the entire organization in half and removed marketing & OPS. No one in TX knows shit about marketing snapple, too busy driving the Dr around. Look for the fire sale in June. The Brand is already in Quaker-Zone. Tried any lately? Nice job launching ready-to-drink Accelerade guys!!

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