y&r started the fire

Official Least Favored Agency status on this blog is reserved for Y&Rfor reasons both real and imagined – so one would expect that I would have been making some sort of off-color joke with the news that there was a real honest-to-god fire at their New York office today. But I am not like that.

My anti-Y&R feeling is not malicious, it’s more a disappointment that such a famous name could stand for nothing. The agency is just a grab-bag of random accounts.

At any rate, part of me is glad that one of these fire drills is actually real. Every winter the alarm goes off in our building as though it was my freshman dorm at 3am and we walk outside and hang out in the cold only for nothing to happen. Not that a real fire is a good thing, but at least you’re outside for a reason…even though the reason for such a minor fire as the one at Y&R is probably a dumb one:


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