rolling rock is advertising on the moon

Rolling Rock is advertising on the moon! Not technically the real moon, per se, but rather an image of the moon that lives online. Still, you can write your message on the moon, make it public, show people where it is, read others and even search to see if anyone has written something about you (more bad news for Howard Draft and his agency, I can already tell). It’s all here at this attractive site:


We used to joke about this client that we had – he was a special little guy who was never satisfied – saying that if he had the chance to get his logo on the moon he would complain that the reach was too broad and it was an inefficient use of his dollars.

Or that his communication wasn’t effective because at any one point half of the world wouldn’t see it. He would complain that the message couldn’t be targeted by daypart. And so on and so on.

I sent this client my message just for fun, and you can too to clients of yours! Just click here for the site.


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