it’s good to be on top

DraftFCB, George Parker’s favorite agency, is the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons…again. This time the negativity is housed at Facebook where a group called F*** Howard Draft! is ready and waiting for you to join.

If you currently or plan to ever work in Chicago though, you may want to keep a low profile.

If you answered no to currently or planning to work in Chicago or have bigger cojones than I, joining is free. And viewing is freer. To get you in the mood to view the site, Agency Spy lists out some reasons you might not want to have a beer with Mr Howard Draft:

Maybe it was the whole sleazy Julie Roehm scandal that tipped you over the edge….[maybe] you just worked at Draft and got emails like this one or perhaps, you got laid off when the agency lost Verizon. Oh wait! Maybe it’s his affiliation with Laurence Boschetto that gets the feathers in a bunch.


It may be good to be on top for some, but all of this bad press has gotta be a downer for the rank and file of the agency (a couple of whom – in Chicago and New York – I know and respect) not just because it rips their place of business and that is never good for morale, but because it sort of lessens that entry in their resume.

They do say that no publicity is bad publicity…I just don’t know that current employees of DraftFCB would agree.


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