erbert & gerbert’s turns 20

When we at the Daily (Ad) Biz ;last talked about Minneapolis shop Colle + McVoy (who have a great website, by the way), they were doing fun stop-motion videos for sandwich chain Erbert & Gerberts.

They are back, and with more video goodness for the same brand. From a creative perspective, Erbert & Gerbert’s is a great brand to work on. It is an off-beat, authentic brand that is approachable and, as far as the product goes, damn tasty.

To celebrate the brand turning 20, which to many is sort of an adult milestone because the teenage years are well and truly over, Erbert & Gerberts decided to celebrate like a kid:

Beyond this television spot – running in markets relevant to the chain, so you might not see it – there is a website with a wealth of different cuts, new ways to use the candle cannon, behind the scenes and more fun ways to interact with the brand.

It’s a little random, but it is a perfect fit with the brand personality and it’s a nice change from all of the sandwich chain ads (Subway, particularly, I’m talking to you) running spots that only show close-ups of the product. Those may get franchisees all hot and bothered, but they suck in terms of creative advertising.

This, however, does not.


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