steffan postaer is balls out

Agency Spy had heard rumors about what she called a mini-coup over at Euro RSCG Chicago which was interesting in a general sort of gossipy way until Steffan Postaer, Chairman and Chief Creative Office of the agency stepped in:

In response to the post and to a commenter named Pete Shotton, Postaer said:

Mon dieu! We have been found out! Let this serve as my confession. Shotton is correct. I was “posing as an intellectual.” It was intended as a ruse to fool certain liberal factions of our company. Alas, it became an obsession. When Shotton revealed the “sane people were trying to escape” I ordered the exit doors barred. This action was impetus for the “revolution” Agency Spy reported. Unfortunately, the “coup” left several brave creative directors mortally wounded and they had to be taken out. May the Gods of Advertising have mercy on them… and on my soul. So say I, on this the 5th day of March, 2008. -SRP

Postaer’s ability to have a laugh about this – “liberal factions” in the company is particularly funny – and his willingness to engage on a blog emphatically puts to bed any thoughts that there may be unrest at Euro. It also makes Postaer look like a funny dude.

The blog response was uniformly positive, with Agency Spy in a swoon over it and AdPulp enjoying the positive response to the post. This blogger thought that it was the perfect response and not only because Postaer took neither himself nor the post that seriously.

It was the perfect response be it shows that engaging with blogs can pay dividends and the way forward is not to rail mindlessly rail against them like Bob Garfield or even, in some ways, Nina DiSesa, but to have a sense of humor about it and not be afraid to meet absurdity with absurdity…if it is so simple to show a post/comment to be ridiculous, then it most certainly is.

Viva la revolucion!


3 responses to “steffan postaer is balls out

  1. Will comment here, as I’ve made the similar remarks at the other blogs. Lost in all the praise for Postaer’s comedic bravado is the fact that he’s joking about terminating two creative directors that he hired himself. And both were on the jobs for less than a year (one for allegedly less than 5 months). Leadership 101 says you never joke about firing someone. For starters, it’s just not nice. At some point, someone will be reviewing Postaer’s record. Let’s see if he maintains his sense of humor then.

  2. @ ha ha: Verrrry interesting. The plot thickens. This comment certainly balances the equation here, though it doesn’t change the fact that Postaer did a brilliant job of deflecting the criticism and turning it all into one big joke.

    Whether that is taken well by everyone at the agency or not…that’s another question.

    So what’s the real story here?

  3. Hats and “balls” off to you, Dailybiz-
    You saw what I was trying to do: fight fire with funny.
    There was no “coup” at my agency. No “revolution.”
    haha is right. Letting people go is never humorous, but the hyperbole was worse.
    Under circumstances, most people appreciated the levity.
    In any event I’m sure I’ll be the goat (again) soon.

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