calls the biz

I got a call today from a human resources person at who must have gotten my name either from someone was playing a prank on me or wants me gone from my current agency. The number of people in each of those categories, especially the second, is significant.

At any rate, it was easy to end the conversation quickly.

HR Lady: I would like to talk to you about a potential position at You are familiar with our agency?

Me: Of course! Who could forget the Subway pitch video you guys did?


HR Lady: We are trying to forget it.

Me: It’s practically scorched into my retina.

HR Lady: So you aren’t interested in the position?

Me: I’m happy where I am, thanks.


4 responses to “ calls the biz

  1. not sure if it matters to the outside world, but none of the people in the video work at the agency any more … except for one guy, and he was forced to be in it.

  2. @ Jared: To be honest, I didn’t want to work at more because I like where I am than because I don’t like the agency…but it was kind of funny that merely bringing up the video was enough to make the woman – who may have been a recruiter – to think that I wasn’t interested.

    Okay, it was really funny.

  3. I dunno dude, this industry is so ridiculously small it might’ve been better to skip the dig and go straight to the No Thanks. That being said, I had a famous (in my circles) run-in with a recruiter from DraftFCB in Chicago. I tried to say no-thanks but she REFUSED to drop it. She even said “Well, we’re the biggest agency in town and you’re gonna regret this for the rest of your life!”

  4. @ Mike: Can’t believe that the recruiter would do that…especially the threat. How did you respond?

    The woman and I actually had a good conversation otherwise and my comment about the video had us both laughing. Just sucks to have an agency that is, by all accounts, turning it around and hiring the right people existing under such a cloud.

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