schweppervescent ad refreshes

With the news that the Dr Pepper account is up for grabs, it seemed like a good time to focus on sodas.

Most soda advertising is targeted toward a younger demographic and, as such, tends to go more toward the quick, cut excitement or big celebrity razzmatazz than to storytelling. Coke’s recent work, specifically it’s Super Bowl spot, is a welcome departure.

Schweppes in Australia, in a spot by George Patterson Y&R, has done a similar thing by creating a soda ad that breaks the usual soda conventions. It also has great production values and even makes me want to try a Schweppes:

If only Y&R San Francisco had done work like this, they may have avoided the pickle they are currently in.


4 responses to “schweppervescent ad refreshes

  1. This technique has been around for a while. Looks cool, but I don’t think it’s really a big creative idea:

  2. @ Mos: I agree with you that it is not a huge never-been-done-before creative idea, but it is a nice departure from the traditional soda ads that are all quick cuts, celebs, loud music and over-design. And I like brands that zip when the category zags.

  3. True. It is a beautiful spot at least. Has a Sony balls feel.

  4. Yeah I read about Y&R losing Dr. Pepper in Adweek’s advertising news section…they were around for like 40 years or something too

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