agency tart is back with a vengeance

I have a hard enough time hitting the deadlines that I have for projects that I get paid to work on, mainly because my best ideas have a habit of coming out without any regard for the actual timeline. It’s a little frustrating, to be honest. Keeping up a blog, with all of the stuff that I get paid to do always in the way, is even harder.

Though it’s a lot more fun because the blog lets me piss off Marcellus Wallace…er, Bob Garfield and rewards me with call-outs in Adweek.

I am not the only one who has had a hard time recently keeping up with posting and the rest of work, life and all that. Agency Tart, a devilishly funny blog by someone I presume to be an account person at an interactive agency, didn’t know if should could keep on keepin’ on with it…and then, like Britney Spears only without the hair cut and crotch shots, she came roarin’ back, bitches.



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