friend of the biz applies to grey…hilarity ensues

I had mentioned in an earlier post that a very good friend of mine is shopping her resume around some New York shops. Predictably for an account person as talented as she, her targets are top shops like StrawberryFrog, Gotham and Toy. But, like anyone testing the job market, she has been willing to look at some of the Mad Ave behemoths…just to see what the action would be like over there.

“Research purposes” was her excuse for sending her resume and cover letter over to Grey the other day.

I was wary about this not because of Grey’s reputation of the weird singing Creative Director but rather because I can’t imagine working at an agency that can’t even figure out what to call itself:


Her inquiry to Grey did pay dividends though, at least for this blogger. The same day that she sent her inquiry she received an invitation from HR to interview at her earliest convenience along with a note that read:

Congratulations! You are one of the select few who have included a cover letter with their application. This puts you in great position for the opening and we look forward to meeting you.“One of the few to include a cover letter?

I guess that explains a lot about Grey and the caliber of people they attract.


6 responses to “friend of the biz applies to grey…hilarity ensues

  1. I suspect it’s Grey but an industry-wide challenge to attract the sort of people who include cover letters.

    It may have something to do with the notion of submitting your resume online – people may not feel the need to include a cover letter?

  2. ^^I suspect it’s NOT Grey, but an industry-wide…. (careless typo)

  3. careless typo? it’s more likely a Freudian slip, toad.

  4. Wait. I’m still back at Toy, Strawberry Frog and Gotham (!) mentioned in the same sentence.

  5. @ Toad: I guess that it is an industry-wide challenge, but that is an embarrassing place to be in as an industry. Who doesn’t, especially as an account person candidate, send a cover letter?

    @ HighJive: I think you have Toad figured out…

    @ Stephen Feinberg: In my defense, it was a long sentence (and mostly paraphrased from an account person friend). Do you buy that excuse? I hope so.

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