jack nicholson plumps for hillary

The Daily (Ad) Biz, while written by a very partisan young man, is a strictly non-partisan blog. The blog focuses on advertising, not on politics…though it does consider political ads.

Jack Nicholson, movie star, Lakers fan, Hillary supporter and general badass, has spliced together clips from some of his most memorable movies in support of the former First Lady:

While celebrity endorsements of politicians and causes are usually laughable because celebrities, as a general rule, are naive, out-of-touch with reality and act as if they are actual experts that we should listen to, Nicholson embraces the fact that he is nothing more than a movie star with an opinion and that makes his endorsement genuine and effective.

By using clips from his movies, the ad is entertaining and interesting enough to see through to the end whether you are for Hillary or not. It serves a further purpose of grounding Jack. He is not pretending to be anything more than he is, not pretending to be an expert or and pundit. He is Jack Nicholson.

By just being himself and using some humor he sends a message that, while not any more powerful that other political messages, is arresting enough to get people to watch it all the way through. And to remember.

In the world of political advertising, that’s a win.


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