xerox’s vanity project

Xerox is out with a promotion to support its color printers…called Incredible Inc, the very punny promotion and website has all of the little things that agency people laugh about – the four superheroes represent the four printer cartridge colors, the promotion name is a pun and so is everything on the site that borders on funny, and funny names for the characters – but leaves me completely cold.


Adrants calls it “objectively lame”.

And it is because it is trying so hard. The program website has all of the bells and whistles from fantastic web design and animations to video comic book-style stories. There is a game that consumers can play, a sweepstakes to enter, bios to read and an e-mail to a friend button. There is everything except a strong business reason why.

This whole program sounds an awful lot like the vanity projects, those projects that would look cool in a book but don’t actually make sense from a strategic or business perspective, that certain Creative Directors that I may or may now know always try to sell in to a client.

The market for color printers is, obviously, split between the consumer market and the business market. Based on the setting of these so-called adventures, I can only assume that Xerox is targeting the business market. The business market, as well all know, has only a few buyers – usually one per company – and it is hard to imagine that they would spend a lot of time poking around this site when considering their purchase decision. Why? Because there is no information on it.

I may have missed it, an indictment of the site in itself, but I cannot find any information, except for tangental references in the comic book vignettes, on Xerox printers, why their color is better or a compelling reason to buy. The entire site seems to be these boring characters and their not-funny, pun-driven adventures. It is a mystifying decision for Xerox to go forward with something like this because it doesn’t sell, doesn’t talk about a product and the branding is weak.

I just don’t get it.


3 responses to “xerox’s vanity project

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  2. I prefer using the new Ricoh Color product line over the Xerox Color line.

    Ricoh has stronger and better systems, speaking from experience.

    I wouldnt doubt it, if this post gets removed, since Xerox doesnt want people to know the truth.

    Thank goodness, for Ricoh and The Copier Group.
    I bought a system through

    Xerox used to be fine for me, but the Guys at The Copier Group were so helpful, they let me know that Ricoh was a better way to go…

    Thanks Ricoh.

  3. Wow.! Period then exclamation mark because its quite the revolution! Its about time that companies endure a bit of a twist in their representation, its not often we get to see something like this but hey it’ll be worth the production! Whether people think it to be unique or not, Im my own individual and nothing will get in the way of my vision!
    Xerox Ink Technologies

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