strawberry frog has a blog

Some bloggers type up posts and save them as drafts for times when they may be traveling, snowed under at work or just plan uncreative. The Daily (Ad) Biz does not do this, preferring to utilize a blog to the limit of its ability to post and publish work immediately without rounds of revisions and changes and rethinking. I get enough of that sort of thing at work.

The one downfall of this approach is that I actually have to be near a computer with time on my hands to post – I have nothing in reserve.

That is my mea culpa of sorts for disappearing yesterday in the midst of big news about the Microsoft account and the other fascinating developments, gossip and campaigns going on in the industry. It also sets the stage to marvel at the ability of Scott Goodson, founder of StrawberryFrog, to write quality posts for his blog every day. I am fairly certain that he is busier than I.


(Full disclosure: a very good friend of mine is applying there…but since you don’t know who I am or she is, it doesn’t really matter! Still, they should hire her. She is excellent.)

Goodson utilizes the site to publicize job openings at the agency (get those resumes ready strategic planners for there are openings), to talk about the state of the industry and all that, and even to talk about why they resigned a piece of business. While staying firmly grounded in advertising, it is a wide-ranging blog that is interesting in its own right – I would read it no matter who the author was – but is of particular interest because Goodson founded StrawberryFrog.

As the founder, one would expect that he sets the tone for the agency. And he sets it well.


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