the biz is traveling

As much as I love you dear readers, and I do love you, this blogging thing is going to be on hold this morning as I am just about to get into my car to the airport and zip off into the unknown for a creative presentation at a very valued client. Of course, yours truly is primarily interested in the nightlife in the city to which I am headed because I hear it is all time and I have never been.

Viva advertising!


4 responses to “the biz is traveling

  1. Jeez,

    I wonder what city you’re going to?

  2. dude, you missed out on fallon falling to Crispin in the Microsoft race. I AM CRUSHED for fallon.

  3. Not every rumor is correct, I guess…I am crushed too. Sucks.

  4. Southern cities are completely off their face. I think that there is something in the water because Northern cities just do not have the same type of scenery on legs, as it were…

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