a co-worker is a little too open about their job search

I was poking around on Creative Hotlist yesterday because we are in need of another art director and I thought that I would educate myself and see who was out there. In the course of doing that, I stumbled upon the work and resume of an art director who currently works at the House of Biz.

I would never call this out to the powers that be.

I am neither political enough nor mean enough to call out a co-worker like this. But I do think that I should have a quiet word…even though I don’t know what I would say.

After all, there is nothing wrong with putting your stuff out there and being open to other opportunities. Not only is everyone doing it, but having your work up is an opportunity to get feedback and comments and other suggestions that may make you better. It’s just that people usually do that through their website and not a jobs board.

Plus, I know that this art director has been considering leaving for a while.

Having an undercurrent of “that person is going to leave” surrounding anyone is completely unhelpful from a career perspective. It’s hard to support someone for promotion if they might leave. It’s hard to even put someone on that next big campaign if they might leave because then you’re stuck scrambling midway through, explaining to clients and spinning wheels. From a personal perspective, it’s tough to rally around someone – and we all need to be rallied around at times when ideas are hard to come by and the deadline is fast approaching – when you know that they are sort of checked out.

That is why I think that I am going to have to bring it up to the art director in question…better to hear it from me, someone who sort of saw this coming and is pretty easygoing about this sort of thing, than to hear it from, say, our ECD or Bozo the Clown. If I found it this easily, they will too. And I am willing to bet that they will be considerably more upset than I if they do.

I’m just not really sure what to say to the art director in question to sort this thing out…


4 responses to “a co-worker is a little too open about their job search

  1. I don’t get it. what would be the point of talking to this person? I can understand if its getting in the way of their current job, or they’re being obnoxious about it or flaunting their desire to bolt, sure, then you say something. But, you found it on your own. no harm as far I can see it.

    p.s. Biz, you need a “subscribe to comments” button.

  2. @ mikelite: My purpose is speaking to them would be to give them a heads-up that I might not be the only one who would stumble upon this. I don’t think that it is a big issue to have her stuff up, but others will and there has been an undercurrent of her wanting to leave, which is bad. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut…

    I will look into the subscribe to comments button. That is a good idea.

  3. @DB: Is it possibly an old listing that s/he never bothered to take down? I find people tend to leave those things up there, even after they get another job. I mean we’re all on LinkedIn, right? Which is essentially a giant recruitment board.

  4. have to say this is a pretty common thing in this business. we are all a lost account away from being out of a job, so why shouldn’t we put ourselves out there? i think agency execs are being awfully naive if they don’t think the majority of their staff are a better opportunity away from jumping ship.

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